The Flagler County Republican Executive Committee (REC)  is chartered by the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) directly through the RNC - We are elected precinct committeemen/women from all over the county welcoming all Republicans to get involved and become part of the movement to keep Flagler County Red and winning elections

Elections:  Numerous past election cycles were winners for Flagler County. We support our elected Republican officials and help to groom the next generation of future leaders to step in and stand for the US Constitution and the American way of life our founders envisioned

Opportunities:  Opportunities abound everywhere to help grow the Republican dominent presence in Flagler County

Fundraising:  Is a key element that drives our successes - donations and those willing to become involved in fundraising provide the fuel to make it run

Volunteers: Are needed to help ensure Flagler County maintains our strong hold in the County, Florida, and the Nation 

The Republican Party has lots of room for everyone!  

Welcoming all Republicans from all walks of life, all races, creeds and ages 

You are our future!