​​​​​​The Flagler County Republican Executive Committee

Flagler County's Republican Executive Committee (REC) is Flagler's governing body of the Republican Party operating directly under the auspices of the Republican Party of Florida and the Republican National Committee - Flagler's REC is a successful registrations and elections-winning political machine loaded with the very best of the best Executive Committee people in Republican politics 

Flagler's REC and its chartered Flagler County Republican Club are the only Flagler Republican political organizations with full-standing within the Republican Party at both state and national levels

Several​ other conservative political organizations operate in Flagler and across Florida, but none with the full force and effect of the Flagler REC and the Flagler County Republican Club

Flagler's REC countywide precincts' leadership is made up of a committed highly-motivated assembly of Elected Precinct Committee Women and Men sworn to faithfully represent all of Flagler's Republican Voters 

Flagler's REC is the premiere "Big Tent" Flagler County Republican Organization operating in a positive all-inclusive mode
Flagler's REC is home to some of the most effective Republican activities in the State of Florida with an outstanding established record of Registering Voters and electing Republicans at every level of our cities, county and state government

Flagler's REC provides Voter Registrations support for numerous other Florida RECs through  its Voter Registrations leadership position at the State Party level